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How to build a pond in The Sims 4

A well-established Sims 4 pond, with trees, fish, and various wildlife
(Image credit: EA / Maxis)

When you know how to build a pond in The Sims 4 you can overhaul your outdoor space with a fancy water feature, and helpfully this option is available through both the base game and the Cottage Living expansion. Players had waited a long time for this to be officially added to The Sims 4, as before it they had to make do with cobbling something together using plants and a small pool, which was clearly sub-optimal! Not only does a Sims 4 pond add a touch of class to your garden, but you can also go fishing there without having to leave home.

Working out how to build a pond in The Sims 4 isn't quite as straightforward as building a pool, so here's how to get started. Coming up we cover all the things you need to do to actually build a pond, as well how to accessorize it, add fish to it, as well as catch fish, and more.

How to build a pond in The Sims 4

1. Use the terrain tool to make your pond shape

(Image: © EA / Maxis)

In Build/Buy Mode head over to the terrain tools and select "Lower Terrain" within the "Paint Tool" area. You can then use this to make the basic shape of your pond. You're able to swap between brush styles (round or square), and adjust the speed at which your tool carves into the land - letting you control the depth a little more easily. 

Compared to the pool tools, using the terrain brushes allows your pond to look much more natural and work better with the landscape. 

2. Fill it with water

(Image: © EA / Maxis)

Once you're happy with your basic pond - or river - shape, flip over to the "Water Tool" section of the terrain menu. In here you've got the option to simply just raise the water level, which will add a layer of water with every click according to the vague water level lines you can see in the terrain dip. 

Or you can choose to "Fill Water to Level", which will top up your pond automatically to the max. You can also adjust your max water level too, for finer design capabilities. 

3. Accessorize it

(Image: © EA / Maxis)

Now that you've got your basic pond built, now you can add some accessories - including flora and fauna. Next to the terrain tools in Build/Buy Mode, there's a new section called "Outdoor Water Decor". In here, you can change the water type (there are new pond-specific options too), add plants, rocks, and logs, and also what's known as "Pond Effects". These are little tiles you can pop onto your pond to spawn things like ducks or swans, or various bugs. They certainly add more character to your pond. 

However, do note that the "Country Fish" option within Pond Effects is purely decorative, so if you want to add catchable (and edible) fish to your ponds, read on for the next step.

How to add fish to ponds in The Sims 4

A well-established Sims 4 pond, with trees, fish, and various wildlife

(Image credit: EA / Maxis)

To turn your beautiful new pond into a fisherman's paradise, you'll need to first add the "Fishing Allowed Sign" to your pond from the "Pond Objects" section of the "Outdoor Water Decor". Selecting the sign in Live Mode will allow your sims to add fish, and also see which fish are available to catch in each pond. 

However, in order to add fish to a pond your sims will have to have already registered some fish in their notebook - you can't just buy them from a catalogue or anything. There are two easy ways to do this though:

1. Go fishing

(Image: © EA / Maxis)

By fishing anywhere, your sims will gain knowledge of various different fish types - and the more they catch, the more knowledge and Fishing Skill they'll gain. Once you've caught one of each species, you'll be able to add that species to your home pond. And yes, that counts for the more tropical fish types you can find across the various Sims 4 expansions. 

2. Go grocery shopping

(Image: © EA / Maxis)

If you don't want to put that time into fishing away from home, there's another shortcut to fish stock, and that's shopping. 

Either go to a store, or use the new "Grocery Delivery" option via the phone to stock your pockets up with various types of fish. Once you've bought some, you can then use those species to stock your pond. 

It's not the cheapest way, but it is the quickest. And we all use 'Motherlode' cheats right?

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