Limited Edition Horus Heresy Novella Only Available To Order This Week

Scorched Earth , a Space Marines book by author Nick Kyme, is available numbered and signed but only until Friday 2 August

Warhammer 40,000 fans listen up: Scorched Earth is available to order now for just another few days. The exclusive Black Library novella by Nick Kyme comes in a gloss dust jacket and a red "salamander-skin" hardcover; all copies are numbered and signed by the author; it features exclusive illustrations; it's only available to people who order it this week; and that's a year before general release.

We know many of our readers are fans of the WH40K universe so we wanted to let you know of this limited time offer. Black Library promise "we're printing and binding Scorched Earth to order" and say "we'll keep you informed of your book's journey through the process via a weekly email, and we'll even send you an extra surprise or two to keep you entertained while you wait." The novella costs £30 and there's more information at the official Black Library site .