Horror icon Shinji Mikami is leaving Hi-Fi Rush studio after 12 years

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Shinji Mikami is leaving Tango Gameworks in the coming months.

Earlier today on February 23, TrueAchievements first reported that Mikami would be departing Tango Gameworks, citing an internal email from parent company ZeniMax. Now, a few hours after the initial story broke, Bethesda has stepped in to confirm the report of Mikami's forthcoming departure from the studio he founded over a decade ago.

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Mikami originally founded Tango Gameworks in 2010 after departing Capcom, having lead the development of iconic games like Resident Evil and Resident Evil 4. The Evil Within, Mikami's only directorial role at Tango Gameworks, would be the studio's debut game after being acquired by Bethesda parent company Zenimax, launching in 2014.

Since then, Mikami has had an overseer role in Tango's other projects, including The Evil Within 2, Ghostwire Toyko, and Hi-Fi Rush. The latter, which Mikami served as a producer on, stealth-launched earlier this year to rave reviews around the world, cementing the game as an absolute hit among players and critics alike.

Mikami departs Tango at age 57, which naturally leads to questions surrounding his possible retirement. The Evil Within director has spoken pretty candidly in the past about retiring but has maintained over the last few years that he wants to direct one final game before he hangs up his hat. For that project, Mikami said in 2020 he has no shortage of ideas for

Mikami departs Tango Gameworks after 12 years and four games, and some might argue, with the likes of the Resident Evil series under his belt, he leaves as one of the most influential game developers of all time.

Here's why Mikami hopes Resident Evil 4 remake improves the story he wrote in just three weeks. 

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