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Horizon: Zero Dawn’s photo mode is creating some seriously amazeballs pictures

Horizon: Zero Dawn (opens in new tab) is a beautiful thing, and fans know it. Now that the game is out in the wild, players are taking to social media to share their best screenshots - and damn if they aren't impressive.

Photo mode allows for all kinds of tweaks and filters, including saturation, depth of field, aperture, and more. It's great for amateur photographers because suddenly you're no longer limited to just what you see while playing. Wanna get artsy-fartsy? Photo mode lets you do that.

We've compiled some of the best from around the web here for your enjoyment, so feel free to browse, download a new wallpaper for your computer or PS4, or just enjoy the sights.

Credit: therealminime (opens in new tab)

Credit: Wishmaster92 (opens in new tab)

Credit: golden1walrus1 (opens in new tab)

Credit: Spanglr (opens in new tab)

Credit: pacyhero (opens in new tab)

Credit: Tyaren (opens in new tab)

Credit: memeronibigboni (opens in new tab)

Credit: Hispanicguy (opens in new tab)

It's enough to make you welcome the end of civilization if it means we get a world this beautiful.

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