Horizon: Zero Dawn's Death Stranding Easter eggs have an odd conclusion...

There some interesting Death Standing Easter eggs in Horizon: Zero Dawn - three odd little items that all allude to things we've previously seen in Kojima's trailers. 

As you explore the world you can find a stranded necklace, stranded figure and stranded shackles, all represented by the Kojima Production logo. 

There's not a lot to read from the info provided other than the fact that they're clear references to things we've seen in the different Death Stranding trailers. The necklace we've seen Norman Reedus' character wearing, same with the shackles, and the doll we saw drifting against Guillermo del Toro's leg. 

However, it does't stop there. These Easter eggs are actually collectible items you can trade with one specific trader in the Meridian region of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Perhaps this will explain everything? In return for all three items he gives you a 'mystery box'. 

Finally, some some answers! In the name of all that's Kojima what's in the box?

'Warm socks.'


They're not even useful in anyway. All you can do is trade them for in-game currency, and not a great deal of it. I've checked both Japanese and Netherland's culture and socks don't mean much in either. In fact the only cultural reference with any meaning I've found is that Dumbledore says he sees "warm socks" in the mirror of Erised, a magical Harry Potter artefact that shows you what you want the most. 

I don't think that's relevant. 

I contacted Sony for more info and all they said was "Guerrilla aren’t going to disclose any info or a statement on this one."

What does it all mean? 

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