Horizon Forbidden West update includes a heartfelt tribute to Sylens actor Lance Reddick

Horizon Forbidden West Sylens and Aloy
(Image credit: Guerrilla)

Guerrilla Games has added a heartfelt tribute to Sylens actor Lance Reddick to Horizon Forbidden West.

As spotted by Twitter user @MdeavorVP (via Push Square), the latest update for Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores includes a beautiful in-game tribute to the phenomenally talented Lance Reddick, who we sadly lost earlier this year. 

As you can see from the screenshot above, the memorial shows Reddick's name lovingly displayed in a stunning and peaceful location surrounded by flowers of every color. We see Aloy in quiet contemplation nearby, and it looks like the perfect place to come to remember the much-loved actor.

If you're having trouble finding the location, users over on the Horizon subreddit have been sharing some helpful tips. According to Sfali, it's located on the island where you meet Seyka for the first time. "Fly or swim across due south from the campfire on the beach," adds user Imperial007. "It's just on the ridge above the beach. Easiest to spot at night if you have any trouble because of the holographic light."

Reddick played the character of Sylens in Horizon Zero Dawn, Forbidden West, and most recently in the Burning Shores DLC, where he was both Aloys' ally and adversary. Horizon developer Guerrilla Games hasn't yet revealed whether the character will be played by a different actor going forward or whether he will be written out entirely. 

One thing's for sure, though, Reddick brought charisma and charm to Sylens that can never be replaced. Burning Shores launched just one month after the actor passed away, and reuniting with the character was an emotional experience for players. One wrote, "Hearing Lance Reddick's voice reprising his role as Sylens and sending Aloy off to the Burning Shores was tough, to say the least." The feeling was similar among Destiny 2 players who gathered in-game shortly after the actor's passing to pay tribute to Reddick, who played Commander Zavala in the FPS.

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