Horizon Forbidden West Seyka actor reacts to seeing themselves in the game: "It's so weird!"

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Words of Attainment
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The actor who plays Seyka in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores has shared a video of them reacting to their character on screen, and it's kind of adorable. 

Kylie Liya Page - who provided the voice, mocap performance, and likeness for Seyka in the Horizon Forbidden West DLC - has posted a video to Twitter of them reacting to seeing their character on screen and shared a behind-the-scenes insight. 

In the video, Page is asked: "Why did [Guerrilla] make her hair like that?" The actor replied: "Because they were asking me, when they were doing face scanning, they were like 'what are the different hairstyles that you normally wear?' and I said, 'oh, I always do like a really high pony[tail] it's kind of like a signature thing that I do, and then they gave her a high pony!" 

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A few moments after the Seyka hair trivia, Page then blurts out - whilst watching a cut scene from Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores - "I can't believe it's my face! [It's] really weird!" The actor genuinely looks so happy to see themselves on-screen next to Aloy, which is really heartwarming to see. 

The DLC has unfortunately not been received well by everyone, which has led several Horizon Forbidden West players to review bomb Burning Shores. Thankfully, it looks like Page is happy with their performance in the game regardless. Similar to the actor behind Forspoken protagonist Frey, Ella Balinska, who warmed everyone's hearts with their reaction to seeing themselves in the game despite its mixed reviews earlier this year.

Seyka isn't the only character to get a big reaction, as Horizon Forbidden West players are getting emotional reuniting with Lance Reddick in Burning Shores DLC.

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