Honkai Star Rail bullies you for taking too long to pick a character

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Honkai Star Rail will bully you if you take too long to pick a playable character at the beginning of the game.

HoYoverse's new RPG launched on April 25 for mobile devices and PC yesterday, and it hasn't taken long for the Honkai Star Rail community to pick up on one amusing detail. This would be that the game sort of bullies you should you take too long picking a character at the game's outset.

Take a look at the footage just below, for example. When the player doesn't pick either Stelle or Caelus for right around 30 seconds, the Silver Wolf mutters, "Why are you standing around? Having second thoughts?" trying to hurry the player on into actually deciding for the first time.

"You're gonna think for this long?" chimes in the Silver Wolf again after roughly 60 seconds, accompanied by a condescending chuckle. "Didn't make up your mind when you got out of bed this morning?" the character continues, really trying to harass you into just picking a damn character.

The in-game player gives as good as they get, striking back with, "Don't hurry me, Silver Wolf, this is a big decision!" Good for you, in-game player character; you fight back against the small but incredibly sassy voice constantly peppering you to make a choice.

If you're paralyzed by the choice of who to play as at the start of Honkai Star Rail, it might be a good idea to turn the volume down and make your choice in peace and quiet. After all, you'll be playing as either Stelle or Caelus for the rest of the RPG, so it's a decision you probably want to feel comfortable with.

Honkai Star Rail had 10 million players in early access before it had even officially launched as of yesterday, so HoYoverse's new RPG is seemingly going down an absolute storm already. 

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