Home in ten simple steps

Home was originally due out in October 2007 but has since slipped to March, as Sony puts the finishing touches to its online virtual world. Meanwhile, Xbox Live continues to look more dated by the month. You probably know that Home is some kind of virtual world for socializing and whatnot, but what else has it going on?

1) Community-friendly
Home is a community-based application for the PS Network that allows you to create your own avatar, give it its own apartment and decorate it with items you unlock for all your achievements.

2) Constantly updated
Once the launch of Home has all kicked off and everyone has settled in, Sony plans to introduce a slew of new additions, including a range of clothes for you avatar and household pets.

3) Size matters
At the moment, word is that Sony reckons the entire application will weigh in at around 500MB when it launches, so downloading won’t be a chore.