Hitman's Christmas mission basically has you killing the burglars from Home Alone

Hitman has been full of bespoke missions, extra content and Elusive targets this year, but its Christmas mission has two very special targets. 

As pointed out in the tweet below, Agent 47 is after Harry and Marv, two American burglars who've relocated after "a series of botched break-ins" forced them to leave the US.

Yep, it's basically Home Alone's Wet - or is it Sticky? - Bandits trying their luck in Paris after a small child repeatedly scared and hospitalised them in Chicago. 

This Christmas mission, called Holiday Hoarders is live now and free. Although it's promoting awareness for World Cancer Research and encourages you to make a donation in return for playing it. 

So, download the mission, donate some money to a good cause for Christmas, and then finish what Kevin never could, ya filthy animal. 

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