Hitman the gun-damentalist

Hitman: Blood Money(MOV, 8.61MB)

Friday 19 May 2006
Hitman: Blood Money, the latest in Eidos' contract killing series, is released at the end of next week so to get you in the mood for Agent 47's unique style of work we've got a new trailer to share with you.

The name of the trailer, 'Guns', says it all really as the slaphead assassin shows the devastating power and size of his arsenal. Basically he's got a fire arm for every day of the week and for every situation.

Blood Money is a reference to a new system featured in the game that allows you to spend the money you've earned completing Agent 47's missions to bribe the press to keep his photo out of the papers. But if you're looking for notoriety you could splash the cash on new weapons instead, and from the action in the trailer we expect that's the choice most gamers will make.