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Hitman delayed, Agent 47 won't be home in time for the holidays

Update: Hitman will be released on March 11.

Original story: If you're a fan of the Hitman series, you know setting up a good kill always takes time and effort. That's why IO Interactive is pushing back the initial release date for Hitman from December 8 to March 2016.

The developer announced on its official blog that it won't be able to meet Hitman's original date while creating the kind of initial experience it wants for players. With Hitman's unusual release model, the full game was never going to be ready in time for the holidays - but now the first level, targets, and real-time assassination events won't be available to the general public until the end of winter, either.

As a way to justify the delay and/or mollify fan disappointment, IO put out a new infographic to show what exactly is taking them so long. For starters, Hitman's Paris Showstopper stage is six times as big as Streets of Hope, the largest level in Hitman Absolution. It also contains six times as many potential targets for Contracts Mode, and is six times as red as Hitman Absolution, which was actually grey. According to the infographic, anyway.

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