Hitman is about tools and planning rather than abilities

Baldy dispenser of death Agent 47 has never been short of ways to dispatch his unfortunate targets (just check out that leaked Alpha footage to see how creative he can get), but the upcoming current-gen reboot of the Hitman franchise is aiming to hark back to the precise planning of old. Sure, the iconic hired gun has new parkour abilities to navigate the dynamic sandboxes of his new episodic adventure, but it's his new tools and gadgets that will make or break an assassination.

In the latest issue of Edge, creative director at IO-Interactive Christian Elverdam explains the Danish studio is looking to bring out the master tactician in Hitman players. “We’ve moved away from trying to create new abilities for Agent 47, since we want tools and planning to be a bigger part of the game," says Elverdam. "You have a loadout and obviously whatever you bring into the level with you is also a choice that you have to make. We want Hitman to be more of a creative game, about figuring out what’s going on."

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