Hitman 2 goes to New York City for the games' first piece of DLC

47 demonstrates the measure of a Hitman (with a measuring tape).
(Image credit: Warner Bros/IO Interactive)

A new sandbox location comes to Hitman 2 today. The bank, where you'll have to slip past tight security and a crowded lobby, is part of the games fresh New York City location.

A trailer dropped yesterday featuring Athena Savalas, a cutthroat banker who ends up being the main target for the expansion, with a dramatic monologue. The contracts mode is also available for the new area. The trailer also shows off all the intricacies of having to infiltrate the bank including managers, security, employees, and other obstacles standing between you and your target. You can check out the trailer right here.

The bank is available for PC and consoles on June 25. It can be added to the game by purchasing the $40 expansion pass or new players can pick up the a $100 Hitman 2 Gold Edition that comes with the expansion.

This is the first new location since Hitman 2's launch late last year. The base game included a number of locations in New Zealand, India, Austria, Singapore, Colombia and the United States. While that may not seem like a ton, Hitman is all about experimentation with how you pull off assassinations. You can drop tens of hours into each location if you choose to. 

Alongside the New York map, today's DLC brings players back to Mumbai for the Illusions Of Grandeur mission and Santa Fortuna for the Embrace Of The Serpent.

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