Hitman 2 Ghost mode tips to help you assassinate your way to victory

Play Hitman 2 right and Agent 47 is a perfectionist when it comes to killing. But you’re going to need these Hitman 2 Ghost Mode tips including some that come straight from Travis Barbour, Senior Community Manager at IO Interactive, if you want to carry that winning streak into Hitman 2’s new multiplayer mode. Pitting you against one other professional killer, you’ll have to race to assassinate your target before your opponent and make sure the assassination goes unnoticed by all around you, while also making sure you don’t kill any bystanders. Yes, including guards who will no doubt pepper you with bullets if they spot you. If you want to know exactly how the mode works check out our preview of Hitman 2 Ghost mode to get all the bloody details but if you’re already a connoisseur of killing, keep reading for some Hitman 2 Ghost Mode tips. 

1. Get familiar with the map in single-player

Before you do anything in Ghost Mode, you’ve got to know that winning is all about knowing the map. Learn it off by heart, with all its routes, shortcuts, and - if you really want to push it - the patrolling routes of the AI, and you’re halfway there to winning the game already. There are few things more satisfying than killing your target unnoticed, and then seeing the ghost of your enemy scramble to catch up from out of the corner of your eye because they got stuck trying to figure out a way to get the target. This especially goes for the Miami map, as with all its underground tunnels, staircases, walkways, and walled-in areas, it’s easy to get lost. 

2. Be patient, and plan ahead

While I was still getting my bearings, I found that when I finally spotted the target I felt overwhelmingly tempted to throw caution to the wind. Not a good idea. Barbour told me that you “can’t reset your combat state even if you die, you can quickly run out of disguises that are all compromised and then you’re stuck”. See, patience really is a virtue. On your way to the target pick up items that can easily be hidden from Ghost Crates (like the wrench, folding knife, or hypodermic syringe), or loot them off of security guards you’ve knocked out. Those items won’t be spotted by any security guards, making it easier for you to move between areas and kill quickly and efficiently. You’ll want to have a few throwable distraction items at the ready to draw the attention of any wandering security guards or civilians, as killing anyone apart from your target will lose you a point. 

3. Disguises are your best weapon

The first thing on your to-do list should be to find a someone whose clothes you can steal, particularly those that let you get almost anywhere on the map without raising anyone’s suspicions. So keep an eye out for security guards, bodyguards, officials - anyone with authority that may or may not have gone to their head. Getting their outfit means that if you want to take out your target up close and personal, you’ll have no trouble getting to them and will likely go undetected for longer as you can make a quick escape if you’re disguised correctly. 

4. Keep an eye on your opponent

Know thine enemy is a tried-and-tested bit of advice that definitely applies to Ghost Mode. Barbour told me that it’s worth keeping track of where your foe is at all times, especially if they’re close. In his own words, “they might give you some clues as to what they’ve just done, or how they’re handling the problem if you’re a bit stuck”. So you could be able to see them making a beeline for a Ghost Crate you haven’t spotted yet, or they might take an approach to killing a nearby target that you hadn’t thought of and can use for your next mark.  

5. Take something from every Ghost Crate, even if you don’t need it

Because you and your opponent share Ghost Crates, it’s wise to be tactical when it comes to looting them. Even if you’ve got your favourite silenced pistol or folding knife hidden on your person, when you see a Ghost Crate it’s worth taking the best thing from it, then just ditching it somewhere in your map. If you take it, it means your opponent can’t, which means they can potentially be left to scramble for a weapon to use on the next target while you’re aflush with gadgets. Sneaky, yes, a bit dickish, sure, but could it help you win? Absolutely. 

Zoe Delahunty-Light

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