Hilarious irony of the day: PS Jailbreak manufacturers warn about apparent piracy of their product

This story could not be more awesome. It really couldn't. Not even if it had monkeys, robots, and the entire cast of The Expendables remaking Lord of the Rings with semi-automatics. You probably already know about PS Jailbreak, the newly released mod-chip-on-a-USB-stick solution for all those wanting to completely legally back-up their already-purchased PS3 games and in no way wanting to run pirated ROM dumps of games for free. But it seems that while the PS Jailbreak is a totally innocent device "only intended for playing legitimate backups and homebrew software in territories whose legislations allows this", it seems there's some dodginess going on involving piracy and imitation of the device itself.

Current warnings on the Jailbreak site implore buyers to "Beware of imitators and Chinese knockoffs", stating that "PS Jailbreak is the original solution", before instructing potential customers to "Buy original for warranty and support. Make sure your dealer has an authorised logo". You know, all the kinds of things that platform holders like, say, Sony have to say once someone finds a way of cracking their console and paves the way for boatloads of pirated software and dodgy Chinese knockoffs.

Not that PS Jailbreak's core appeal is to video game pirates at all. I mean it's not like anyone'salready using it for thatat all. Absolutely anything can happen to a disc these days,so you'd be a fool not to back up every game you own to a hard drive. It's not like you can just polish those scratches off them, you know.


David Houghton
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