Hideo Kojima has hot woman for lunch, we want to know where he eats

Aside from being a visionary developer of brilliant, if really talky, stealth games, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima also likes to eat.Furthermore, helikes to tweet about what he’s eating, frequently posting pictures of his lunch on hisTwitter account. From sushi to tempura, the man loves to show the world what he’s ramming down his throat. However, things went a bit unexpectedly sexy yesterday, when Solid Snake’s dadaccidentally posted an image, which may or may not have featured a woman in a state of undress.Read belowfor the b00bZ-based action.

Seemingly, Yfrog is a tricksy bastard, because when Kojima went to post an image of his tasty lunchtime consumables, the image uploading application posted aphoto of a sexually attractive woman instead.

Above: Said sexually attractive woman

Hids later claimed he had no knowledge of how this women had stealthed its way into his twitts, and promptly posted the photographic image of his lunch he originally intended to tweet.

Above:Said photographic image of Hideo Kojima's actual lunch

What a peculiar state of affairs. Hopefully, the Metal Gear mastermind will be more diligent with his lunch-based tweets in the future. Also, here's an image of him eating a cake...

Above: Hideo Kojima pondering the possibility of eating a cake

Sep 8, 2010

David Meikleham
Google AMP Stories Editor

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