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Heroes 2.02 Lizards review

Original US Airdate: 1/10/07

Written by: Michael Green
Directed by: Allan Arkush

The One Where: An amnesiac Pete falls in with a gang of Irish crooks, Mohinder meets the Haitian in Port au Prince and West discovers Claire’s secret while keeping one of his own. Meanwhile, in 1671, Hiro becomes Takezo – but doesn’t get the girl.

Verdict: Volume Two still hasn’t quite caught fire, but there’s enjoyable stuff here. Hiro’s antics in feudal Japan are great fun – if still a strange fit with the rest of the show – while the revelation of West’s flying power is well staged, and a genuine surprise. The quest for the eight paintings shows that Isaac has a posthumous part to play (and allows us more gorgeous Tim Sale art).

Highlight: The moment the swordsmith’s daughter wakes from frozen time to find blossom falling all around her is gloriously romantic.

Influences: Claire’s fascination with reptile regeneration echoes Dr Curt Connors in the Spidey comics, whose experiments transformed him into scaly foe the Lizard.

Nitpick: Maya’s black tear make-up clearly appears, disappears and reappears in the scene where Alejandro absorbs her power.

Speculation: So Takezo has the power to instantly heal himself. This suggests that the parahuman phenomenon is far older than anyone suspected – unless, of course, he’s a time traveller too...

Fab FX: Let’s hear it for Claire’s amazing jumping toe. Who knew a snipped digit could be such a star.

Best Line:
Claire: "They have metal detectors for people who lie low."

Nick Setchfield

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