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Heroes 1.22: Landslide review

Original US Airdate: 14/5/07

Written by: Jesse Alexander

Directed by: Greg Beeman


The One Where: Hiro receives the final training for his mission to kill Sylar and Micah fixes a victory for Nathan at the polls.

Verdict: A final tightening of the plot strands before the season climax, perfectly illustrated by the montage that accompanies Nathan’s stirring speech. There’s no treading of water, though – we’re given such memorable moments as DL reaching into the back of Linderman’s head (shame we had to kiss goodbye to such an alpha villain, but the image of McDowell’s bloodying eyes is brilliantly horrible) and Nakamura’s training of Hiro (Trek fans will get a kick out of seeing Takei wielding a blade).

Beeman’s direction is just the right side of show-off – the ever-circling camera is cool but the crash-zoom to a watching Sylar muttering “Me too” only just escapes the cheese trap.

Highlight: Applause, please, for the spectacular piece of vehicular stuntwork that sees an armoured car flip before the might of Sylar.

Influences: Molly’s ability to pinpoint parahumans makes her a flesh and blood take on Cerebro, X-Men’s mutant-locating supercomputer.

Trivia: Bladesmith Mr Claremont is clearly a loving tribute to Chris Claremont, the writer responsible for a classic run of comic book X-Men tales.

Did You Spot?: Micah’s comic book stash contains copies of Hulk: Gray and Daredevil: Yellow, written by co-exec producer Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Tim Sale, the real artist behind Isaac’s paintings.

Best Line: “Now that I can stop Sylar, Ando doesn’t have to die. He will be so relieved.” (Hiro)

Nick Setchfield

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