Heroes 1.19: 0.7% review

Original US airdate: 23/4/07

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Written by: Chuck Kim

Directed by: Adam Kane


The One Where: Linderman reveals his masterplan, Peter nearly dies and Isaac perishes at the hands of Sylar...

Verdict: An episode that finally gives us some juice on the enigmatic Linderman and his scheme to destroy New York. It’s a nicely ironic touch that the villain of the piece has the gift of healing, and what’s especially intriguing is the mention of a previous generation of parahumans who “tried to make a difference to the world” but were consumed by personal greed. It adds a whole new layer to the Heroes universe – like learning about the Justice Society of America after you’ve just been introduced to the Justice League. There’s a sense of something dynastic now. Great cliffhanger as Hiro and Ando come face to face with Future Hiro...

Highlight: Sylar’s hurling of glass shards at an invisible Peter is neat and nasty.

Speculation: So does Angela possess powers of her own? She hints as much...

Character: Amusingly, Claire has to deal with the ‘Eww’ factor after she discovers she’s actually related to Peter...

Influences: Linderman’s plan to unite people by triggering a tragedy in New York is exactly the same stunt plotted by the villainous Ozymandias in Watchmen.

Did You Spot?: Bennet, Matt and Ted dine at the Burnt Toast Café, the same one where Hiro met Charlie in “Seven Minutes To Midnight”. There’s even the same waitress.

Best Line: “I said people needed hope. But they trust fear.” (Linderman)

Nick Setchfield

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