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Heroes 1.16: Unexpected review

Original US airdate: 19/2/07

Written by: Jeph Loeb

Directed by: Greg Beeman

Starring: Stana Katic, Stan Lee


The One Where: Ted Sprague returns…

In Nevada, Ted Sprague is visited by Hana, a girl who can mentally access the internet. She tells him, “I know what they did to you…” and shows him a plan of a hypodermic gun…

Matt tells his wife about the diamonds, then receives a call from Ted, who tells him they’re being tracked. A shipment of needles leads to Bennet, and they head for his home.

Mohinder and Sylar travel to Montana, meeting a mechanic with the power of super-hearing. Sylar kills her, leaving Mohinder to discover the mutilated body.

Isaac calls in Bennet and tells him Peter will be responsible for the apocalypse – they twig that he’s now invisible. Bennet’s men target Peter and Claude. Peter freezes time to escape the bullets, then flies away. When he returns, Claude storms off, saying that Peter led the men to him…

Hiro, Ando, Hope and the cop are caught up in a gun battle. Hiro’s power returns in time to save them, but he tells Ando to go home and boards a bus alone.

Peter confronts Isaac in his studio. Isaac shoots at him, but ends up hitting Simone…

Stan the Man! Yes, founding father of the Marvel Universe (and latter-day cameo king) Stan Lee adds to his showreel. Another solid episode with some great set pieces and another nasty example of Sylar’s murderous inclinations. Ted’s radioactivity killing the grass around his wife’s grave is a particularly nice throwaway visual.

Claude: “And when you’ve left New York a smoking wasteland we’ll put that on your tombstone. ‘Here lies Peter Petrelli. He tried.’”

Nick Setchfield

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