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Heroes 1.15: Run! review

Original US airdate: 12/2/07

Written by: Adam Armus and Kay Foster

Directed by: Roxann Dawson

Starring: Missi Pyle, Ethan Cohn


The One Where: Sylar joins forces with Mohinder.

Meredith contacts Nathan, who offers her $100,000 for her silence. She later tells Claire that she’s found her real dad, and Claire goes to see her, hiding outside when Nathan arrives.

Matt takes on his fi rst job as a security man, protecting Malsky – the target of Jessica, now Lindeman’s assassin. Malsky spends Lindeman’s money on diamonds, but Matt’s telepathy tells him it’s a set-up. A fight with Jessica leaves Malsky dead, and Matt with the diamonds…

In Vegas, Hiro and Ando get embroiled with a showgirl, Hope, and aim to recover her handbag from the hotel room of an abusive boyfriend. But she’s using them. Hiro winds up locked in a room, to be found by Hope’s boyfriend – a gaming commission officer.

As Mohinder continues his research, he agrees to meet Zane, a superhuman with the power to melt metals. But Sylar gets there first, kills Zane, impersonates him and joins Mohinder on his quest.

Bennet brings his wife home, claiming she’s simply been to a neurologist. Later she fails to recognise Claire… and Jessica is given her next target: Nathan.

Voyager’s Roxann Dawson steps behind the lens for this one. There’s a lighter touch and a hint of French farce in the Vegas scenes, skilfully mixed with a Knuckle-whitening fight between Matt and Jessica and some genuinely heartbreaking family drama between Claire, Nathan and Meredith. Pity Ethan Cohn’s hilariously dweebish Zane is killed after only one scene…

Ando: “A hero never runs.”
Hiro: “Stop saying the things I say!”

Nick Setchfield

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