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Heroes 1.12: Godsend review

Original US airdate: 22/1/07

Written by: Tim Kring

Directed by: Paul Shapiro

Starring: Christopher Eccleston, D Elliot Woods


The One Where: Hiro steals the sword.

Two weeks on from the events of “Fallout” and Peter is in hospital, still suffering visions, Niki is in jail and Bennet has Sylar locked up. Hiro, meanwhile, sees the sacred sword of samurai warrior Takezo in a museum and, convinced he needs it to fulfil his destiny, uses his weakening power to slow time and steal it. But it’s a fake, the property of Lindeman.

Simone tells him that Lindeman is her client, and they will travel to Vegas to get the original. DL receives a visit from Aaron Malsky, who works for Lindeman. Niki’s confession means he’s free, but Malsky claims DL is still in Lindeman’s debt… Niki is threatened with the death penalty, and is sent to the psych ward.

Claire meets with the Haitian and shares her doubts about Bennet. He tells her he cannot restore Zach’s memories, so later she re-enacts one of her leaps to prove her invulnerability again. Elsewhere, Bennet tries to strike a deal with Mohinder over The List, but he’s not interested.

Tormented by visions, Peter flees hospital, and on the streets he meets a new superhuman: an invisible man named “Claude”…

So, our first, intriguing glimpse of former Time Lord Christopher Eccleston, but it’s just one good moment among many, including some Gollum-style thesping from Ali Larter as she switches between Niki and Jessica, and a touching exchange between Claire and the Haitian. Hiro’s dino confrontation is a good gag, but I still want him facing off against a real scaly beastie…

Hiro: “Hey! Hello! I’m very special! I offer myself in trade. Release un-special Ando and I go with you, okay?”

Nick Setchfield

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