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Heroes 1.11: Fallout review

Original US airdate: 4/12/06

Written by: Joe Pokaski

Directed by: John Badham

Starring: Clea DuVall, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Randall Bentley


The One Where: We flash back and meet Sylar…

We pick up after the events of “Homecoming”. In Texas, Bennet tells Claire that he’s always known of her power, and confesses he’s done things he’s not proud of in an attempt to keep her safe. He tells her to destroy the tapes, then meets with Eden to interrogate Sylar.

Mohinder returns home to find a note from Eden, along with Isaac’s name on a scrap of paper. Eden visits Isaac and slips him a mobile and a calling card, telling him to change the future. She later tells Mohinder she’s going to kill the man who murdered his father, and sets off to confront Sylar in his cell – but the killer overpowers her and she sacrifices herself before he can claim her powers.
DL is shot by Jessica, and he and Micah hide out in a shack in the woods. Jessica finds them and ends up hurting Micah. Niki takes control and runs off to a cop, saying she should be arrested for murder.

Isaac phones Hiro, telling him they must meet. He is now painting without the use of drugs, and he reveals that he’s just painted a picture of an exploding man. Hiro also sees a picture of himself confronting a giant monster…

Matt and FBI agent Hanson interrogate Peter, but it’s obvious he’s not guilty of the cheerleader murder. His power, however, seems to shortcircuit Matt’s mindreading ability.

He later meets Claire again, and tells her he had to save her to save the world.

Matt is unable to read Claire’s mind – we see that the silent Haitian is lurking…

Claire meets with Zach and destroys the tapes before discovering that both he, and her brother, have had their memories erased.

Matt and Hanson see Bennet walking with the Haitian. Matt gets a nosebleed as he desperately tries to pick up their conversation – all he hears is the word ‘Sylar’.

The Haitian later breaks into Claire’s home and, as we hear him talk for the first time, asks her if she can keep a secret…

Peter has a vision of himself in a deserted Manhattan. One by one he sees the other parahumans, and they’re all running away from him. He finally realises that he’s the source of the apocalyptic explosion in the visions. In the real world he wakes and stops breathing in Nathan’s arms…

Poor Pete. Just as it seems the cheerleader chick is sweet for him he discovers he’s the exploding man of the prophecy – hell of a setback to any guy’s social life.

A great Vanilla Sky-influenced ending and Eden’s act of self-sacrifice redeems an otherwise slightly time-marking episode.

Personally I’m just itching to see Hiro go up against that dinosaur thing.

Ando: “Who is it?”
Hiro: “Destiny!”
Ando: “I wish destiny would lose our number!”

Nick Setchfield

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