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Heroes 1.07: Nothing to Hide review

US airdate: 6/11/06

Written by: Jesse Alexander

Directed by: Donna Deitch

Starring: Matthew John Armstrong, Rena Sofer, Jackson Wurth


The One Where: We meet
the deadly Ted Sprague.

In a dream, Peter
reveals to Charles Deveaux that
he can fly. Simone wakes him to
say that Charles has just died.

Zachary finds the videotape of
Claire’s death-defying stunts, but
her brother, Lyle, gets hold of it
and freaks out when he sees it.

Matt discovers that his wife
is having an affair, then is
summoned by FBI agent Audrey
Hanson to investigate what
appears to be the latest of Sylar’s
victims – a charred, radioactive
corpse. A fingerprint leads them
to the burnt-out home of Ted
Sprague, who’s in hospital with
his dying wife. He’s not Sylar. But
he has an explosive radioactive
power, and Matt and he share the
same marks on their necks…

On the highway, DL and Micah
witness a car accident. Hiro and
Ando are just behind, and Hiro
combines his powers with DL’s to
save the passenger.

We meet Nathan’s wheelchair-bound
wife, Heidi. A journo is
digging for dirt but Peter covers
for his brother before telling him
he needs the painting that was
sold to Lindeman.

Niki smashes a mirror, and
Jessica – her alternate self –
heads off after DL and Micah.

Some interesting
insights into the life of the
Petrellis – there’s a hint that
Nathan’s responsible for his
wife’s condition – though the fun
lies in Lyle’s reaction to Claire’s
tape. The highway rescue is a
great setpiece and top marks for
the eerie design of Sprague’s flat.

Lyle: “I’m going to
put this on YouTube and make
Zach: “YouTube’s free, idiot!”

Nick Setchfield

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