Here's how to watch the Sony CES 2021 presentation

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CES 2021 kicks off today, promising to unveil some of the best (and most bizarre) tech innovations of the year. Sony has been a key participant at the event for decades now, and after a muted showing in 2020, we're hoping for big things from the PS5 manufacturer, so here's how to tune in live and check out any announcements as they happen.

Sony's presentation is due to begin at 14:00PT/17:00EST/22:00GMT today, Monday January 11, and is expected to run for roughly 30 minutes. As the entire show is digital-only this year, as long as you can get yourself in front of a screen you'll be able to watch, via Sony's own event platform, the Sony Square, where you'll be able to access and download some additional materials relating to the show. 

It's not entirely clear what Sony will be showing off at this year's show. In 2020 the company revealed the PS5 logo, but with the popularity of the new console, which released in November, it seems likely that it will have some more to say about its hardware success. Sony has already confirmed that executives from Sony Interactive Entertainment will feature at the event, but given that CES tends to focus on hardware, don't hold out hope for much in the way of game announcements.

If you're hoping for more gaming-related announcements, you might also want to keep your eye on AMD's keynote, which takes place tomorrow. The show runs until Thursday, January 14, so there's plenty of time for some more big reveals.

Here are 5 things we're hoping to see at CES 2021.

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