Here's how to solve the Resident Evil 7 finger puzzle in the updated demo

Finally, the finger puzzle in the Resi 7 demo can be solved. To do it you'll need to locate the final resting place of 5 murder victims and, at the end, you'll get a special reward.

Obviously, if you don't want spoilers then stop reading now. But if you want to know how to do it, read on (you will never work this out on you own).

To make things easier I went through the process of almost finishing the game, which means I went to the new basement area, got the valve and window key (which involves meeting a molded enemy). You can read more on how to get the two new Resi 7 demo endings here. 

You can start at the first step below, but you will have to go to the basement at some point so you might as well get it out of the way. You'll also need to get the finger from the drawer in the main hallway and the celluloid object from the top room and combine them to make a pointy hand before you start.

Anyway, here we go...

Get the blank notebook from the new area

The new demo area is beyond the mould covered door on the right as you leave the room you start in. Before you leave however, activate the hidden switch in the fireplace and get the fuse from inside the secret passage and pop it in the fuse box.

Then head out, through the mould covered door on your right, and into the new area. Get the notebook from the drawer on the right about halfway down the corridor.

Read the message in the upstairs room

With the notebook in hand, go upstairs (stopping to grab the finger from the drawer on the right in the hall), activate the switch and head up to the top attic room with the window. Turn right and you'll find a message scrawled on the wall near a locked door (you'll also find the Celluloid Object behind a pile of rubbish to the left of the message, so grab that and combine it with the finger to make the hand). 

Read the message and you'll hear a giggle. Remember that noise as it's crucial to continuing. You'll also find a message has appeared in the notebook. 

This is where things get interesting. Go back downstairs to the fallen bookshelf by the front door and examine the hand (you've got the finger and Celluloid Object and combined them, yeah?) You might have to wiggle it about a bit but point it at the bin liners and bookshelf and you should hear some noises. 

Congratulations - you've solved the first murder. Each time you do this more bloody hand prints will appear on the door next to the message in the attic.

Here's where things get complicated

Your best bet at this point is not to ask too many questions and just follow instructions. You'll now be looking at things to trigger giggles and then pointing the finger at objects to solve the murders. The logical thing would be for more clues to appear in the notebook to help you but I only found them after completing certain events.

If you just stick to the plan everything should work out. There may be other combinations or orders but what we're about to do definitely works. 

Now go stare at a light

Next up I went to grab the bolt cutters, then used them to get the video from the locked cabinet. I'm not sure it's essential now, it's just when I did it.

After that, head all the way back upstairs again but go past the room with the window and go around the corner to the right where you'll find a boarded up door and a light. Stare at the light until there's a giggle.

Point out the body in the basement

If you cleared out the basement first this next bit will be easy. If not you'll have to escape a molded attack and collect the valve and key (which is hanging from a doll in the adjacent room). 

Once the room's clear, examine the finger so you can point it at the body on the gurney at the back. That's murder number two done. There's a new message in the notebook.

Now hit the bag lady

Go back to the ground floor and find the picture of a lady with a bag on her head halfway up the main stairs. Hit her with the hatchet or shoot her to trigger the next giggle.

Point at the door and do a little dance

Go to the under stairs area and point at the boarded up door to find out what happened to Stanley.

While you're here you can activate the next giggle. Simply leave the room so that you're facing the mirror in the corridor, then do a quick 180 by moving backwards and hitting the circle button.

Time to go back upstairs

Now you need to go to the attic and find the wires on a beam in the far left corner. Examine the finger there and point roughly where they cross to find the fourth murder.

This next bit might not be essential

At this point I used the back door key BUT DIDN'T OPEN THE DOOR. Because that would end the demo. I don't know if you have to do this here but I'm mentioning it just in case.

Now on to the final murder.

Watch the video. Possibly a lot. 

To solve the last murder you'll need to play the VHS mission. Possibly a few times. The final giggle is triggered by looking at a doll in the basement after doing this but it doesn't alway work. I think you need to get a clear sighting of the ghost, as the doll may represent her. It took me about five playthroughs to get it to work. 

UPDATE: I tried a second playthrough and got a giggle with no clear ghost sighting but I did read the note next to the TV after. That might be worth a try as well. 

You can find the ghost in these places: 

  • To the left of the back door, behind the banister as you approach the house (shown in the pic above).
  • Behind you as you go down the first corridor.
  • Through the clear window by the sink in the kitchen.
  • Up the stairs as you enter the main hallway.
  • In the annex under the stairs as you pass it.

Play the video, finish the mission and then head into the basement to look at this doll on the floor. You'll find her in the area to the right of the room with all the body bags.

If you don't hear a giggle, don't panic: you'll just have to keep replaying the video. As I mentioned, it took me five playthroughs to get it. 

Put a lid on the final murder

Once you've got the giggle, head to the cooking pot in the kitchen and examine the finger to point at it and find out what happened to poor old Timmy. 

Congratulations. You've done it. Now collect your reward and GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE

Go back to the attic and you'll find that door by the message is now covered in bloody handprints. More importantly, it now opens.

Head inside for a lovely message and your reward.  

You can now pick up the 'dirty coin' which will unlock... something in the main game when it arrives if you keep the save data from the demo. 

Now have a lie down. 

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