How to get all the Resident Evil 7 demo endings

The Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo has had a third, and possibly final, update - unlocking a new area and two new endings (that we currently know about). Here's how to get them both:

Resi 7's new demo area is behind this door

The new area in the Resident Evil 7 demo can be accessed through the mould covered door on the right as you come out of the first room. You don't need to do anything before opening it as it's just unlocked. Mysteriously. Which definitely isn't foreboding or anything. 

Obviously spoilers if you want to find out everything for yourself, in which case: what are you doing here

How to start the new Resi 7 demo section

The good news is that this added area will let you reach new endings without needing to play through the tape sections. There's an extra lockpick, for example, that will let you get the hatchet without playing the past mission. I'm going to assume you want them though so here's a checklist of what to do before you access the final stage of the demo. 

  • Go to the fireplace and open the secret passage to get the fuse, and put it in the fusebox.
  • Head out of the TV room and go left, stopping to pick up the finger from the second set of drawers you pass.
  • Carry on upstairs to where you trigger the attic stairs with the button. Push it and head up.
  • Go into the first door on the right, past the phone and into the area revealed in the last update where you'll find, from left to right - the basement key on a table, some bullets under the bed and, on the far right, the 'object made of celluloid' which you can combine with the finger to make a pointy hand.

Heading into Resi 7's new area

Through the mouldy door you'll find a corridor. First of all head into the door on the right where you'll find a very wrong bathroom. There's some handgun bullets in the drawer on your left as you go in, a toilet you can't flush yet and a pipe you can "fit something into". 

Apart from having a good look around at this point, that's all you can do here. Things to note: syringes in the sink, pictures and scrawls on the wall, a bath full of blood with a bike in it, and a desperate rising sense that you've made some very bad life choices to end up here. 

Time to head back downstairs

Leave the bathroom and head down the corridor. In some drawers on your right you'll find a blank notebook and on a high shelf on the left you'll find some more handgun bullets. Interesting, eh?

At the end you'll find a gate, which you can unlock with the Basement Key from upstairs. 

Head into the dark, definitely not dangerous basement

Go down the stairs, keeping an eye out for some handgun bullets on the left, about two thirds of the way down that are tucked under a step. 

In the area you reach below, there's a lockpick. If you want to then at this stage you can grab that, go back to the kitchen to unlock the drawer with the hatchet in, then go up to the top room and smash the crate covered in yellow tape to get even more bullets. 

Whether you do that or not, the next step is to go through the white door. BUT WAIT BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ON THE OTHER SIDE. Waiting? Good. 

Prepare to fight the molded

Once on the other side of the white door you have a few options. None of them good. 

In the room you'll see a valve to your right, and a corridor leading to another area where you'll find an upstairs window key. If you interact with either, Jack will slam the door and a molded will attack. 

WHAT HAPPENS HERE WILL CHOOSE YOUR ENDING: if the molded hits you at all you'll get the 'Infected Ending' later, if you escape without it landing a blow you'll get the 'True Ending'. 

Let's assume you're going for the latter, in which case do this: grab the valve super quick (double tap X to skip the inventory screen) and then run into the second area to get the key. If you're fast you should be able to get back into the main room before the molded attacks. 

Once back in the room you'll have to kick the barricaded door twice to open it. To buy the time to do this, kick the hanging body bag to stun the molded. That should keep it busy while you boot down the door.

Grab the gun in the Resi 7 demo 

If you go back to the bathroom you can use the valve (the one you collected in the basement) on the pipe by the toilet to turn the water on and flush, revealing the handgun. 

You don't need the gun for the ending but obviously it's nice to have around. It's also possible that killing the molded might trigger another ending in some way but I've shot and attacked it with the hatchet a lot and it's pretty hardy. 

If you just want to get out then head upstairs. 

Resi 7 demo's infected and true endings

You now only have one thing left to do: climb out of the window. What happens next depends on how the battle with the molded went down.

  • Escape the molded but get hit and you'll trigger the 'Infected Ending.' This will see black growths take over your hands and you'll fall before reaching the window. Jack will appear to give you a little message.
  • Escaping the molded without being hit will trigger the 'True Ending', where you'll climb out the window and receive some info on what happened next.

These are only the endings we've found so far, though there's also the puzzle to be solved with the finger so make sure you check that out too.

We'll update this as soon as we know more and if you find out anything, drop it into the comments below. 

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