Here’s 12 of the most horrific things you can do as a demon in Agony

CATASTROPHIC GORE WARNING: Blood, eyes, fire, and general misery await. 

Here we are again. Another Agony gameplay trailer is out, bursting with even more downright disturbing moments which’ll make you wonder just how much force is needed to shove a hand through someone’s ribcage. Or rather, claw - as this new footage is all about the demons prowling around in Agony’s brutal landscape. Coming out on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in June, it’s a stealth-horror fleshfest of atrocious gore. You’re a wandering soul who can possess the beings lurking in Hell, with your ultimate aim to find the ruler of the realm: the Red Goddess. Rumours say she’s the only one who knows the way out, so understandably you’re hunting her down. In this section you’ve successfully wormed your way into a demon. Instead of cowering in the shadows, all its blood-curdling powers are at your disposal...but you wouldn’t actually use them. Not after having been on the receiving end of them before. Right?

I’ve trawled through the frankly unsettling gameplay video to bring you 12 moments that will either make you wish you had these demonic powers, or will make you want to put your head between your knees. Enjoy!

1. This is you. Deal with it. 

Not exactly a looker, but this demon is a dentist’s dream. Or nightmare. Either, really. 

2. Demons aren’t your friends

Especially when they have enough legs to give a spider the heebie-jeebies. 

3. Get out of my face!

Who does this joker thinks they are, peacefully sitting down and harming no-one at all? What a tool.

4. Fancy a game of catch?

You can get out of the way too, inconspicuous sufferer. You’re harshing my vibe. 

5. It wouldn’t be hell without FIRE

Enjoying the candlelight, are we? NOT ANYMORE. BOOM!

6. I wonder if you can make hand-puppets out of innards?

You know what they say: the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their chest. 

7. This’ll warm you up

Because giving some poor soul vertigo isn’t enough. 

8. Keep those eyes peeled

Or, you know, ripped out. Same thing. Agony still has no chill. 

9. Learn to pick your fights…

Or you might end up on the wrong side of this fella’s fists. 

10. What do you get when you combine levitation, incineration, and a fire bomb?

Answer: pain. 

Zoe Delahunty-Light

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