Here are 5 Overwatch players doing it right & 3 doing it very wrong

Overwatch (opens in new tab) hasn't even been out for 48 hours yet, so everybody is still learning how the characters work. We're in that special period in a game's life when new ways to use mechanics are still being discovered on the regular, allowing for some amazingly unexpected feats in Blizzard's colorful team shooter… and for equally amazing failures. But I'll get to those in a bit.

First off, here's Reaper spinning like a ballerina (opens in new tab) on top of an enemy Reinhardt, firing over his shield and killing everybody the big guy was trying to protect.

Sometimes Mercy doesn't even need to leave the spawn room (opens in new tab) to save her entire team's bacon.

Time-twisting speedster Tracer isn't typically known for her patience, but it really pays off here (opens in new tab).

On the flipside, here's what happens when Tracer isn't patient: Genji deflects her Pulse Bomb (opens in new tab) right back into her goggled face.

Last up on the "Doing it Right" side is Lucio expertly wallriding away from certain death (opens in new tab) at the bottom of a pit. JET SET RADIOOOOOOO

You can't grow without making a few mistakes. And Mei made a huge mistake (opens in new tab) when she put an ice wall right under McCree's feet, giving him the perfect firing platform to go all Man with No Name on her team.

Also filed under bad ideas: reviving your teammates immediately after Reaper kills them and now has his ultimate ability charged from killing them (opens in new tab). Sorry guys.

And here's Pharah just having a really shitty day (opens in new tab). Been there, Pharah.

I can't wait to see what other hijinks the Overwatch community gets up to in the weeks and months ahead. Meanwhile I'll be over here, trying to figure out how to play Hanzo...

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