Hellgate to open on Xbox 360

Hellgate: London, the apocalyptic capital-based RPG, could be heading to Xbox 360, according to comments attributed to US publisher Namco Bandai's director, Zach Karlsson.

"It's highly unlikely that such a notion (bringing Hellgate: London to Xbox 360) is far from the company's planning calendar,"Karlsson told industry website Next-Gen.biz. Or, in other words: It'd make a ton of cash, so why not?

Karlsson also discussed the publisher's plans to push multiplayer gaming, and the "ease of portability" between PC and Xbox 360, giving positive signs that Hellgate could make a swift leap over to Microsoft's console.

Publisher Electronic Arts was unavailable for comment at the time of writing but we're convinced that Hellgate: London will warp on to 360 sometime in the future, and its MMO-style gameplay could be a huge step forward for the console and its Xbox Live service.

January 19, 2007