Hellgate opens up with new screens

A new portal has opened up into Hellgate: London and we've bravely peeked over the edge to discover these new details and screens from this all-action PC role-playing game/first-person shooter.

And a quick look at the screens hiding behind the images tab above reveals the existence of a brand new faction, ready to join the Cabalist and Templar factions. Known as the Hunters, they are a group of mean hombres, formed from a combination of ex-military forces and government agencies - a bit like the paramilitary wing of the DVLA.

Above: Hunters vary from warriors inside hulking metal suits to experts in stealth and silence.

Being highly trained fighters, players who opt to join these new ranks will find themselves swapping the benefits of other, easier factions for the Hunters' heavy firepower. Or as Bill Roper, CEO of developer Flagship Studios puts it: "By removing auto-aiming and target-locking, the Hunter has been designed to provide a game play experience which will appeal directly to FPS players."

But while Hunters rely on technology and the skills of twitch gamers, they are suspicious of magical items and attacks - so they prefer bullets to belief, and science to superstition. And as Flagship Studios is keen to emphasise, they are the choice for the seasoned mouse and keyboard warrior, not the noob.

So click on the screens,read the previewand we'll see you back here soon for more on Hellgate: London.

November 8,2006