Hellgate movie unleashed

Hellgate: London (WMV, 28.2MB)- right-click to download

Tuesday 16 May 2006
A new trailer of Namco's impressive-looking PC shooter Hellgate: London, due for release this October, has risen from the depths - so we've stuck it the link above, just for you.

The FPS from Flagship Studios will combine blasting action and RPG elements as gamers must use technology and magic in order to survive in a desolate city that has become overrun by demons.

The new footage shows the type of character detail you can expect from the game, and the dark and twisted vision of London that has been created.

There will also be an online multiplayer mode of Hellgate: London which has been designed to feel like a MMORPG by "creating unique gameplay instances" when online.

This is a game we've followed for a long time so we're looking forward to its autumn release with great anticipation.