Hellgate: London shots suit up

A trio of new images from the action-RPG Hellgate: London has been released, showing off the Templar character class in close-quarters combat. Check the Images tab above to see them freeing London from demonic invasion with a stiff upper lip and some mighty big swords.

Hellgate is primarily played from first-person, but using melee weapons draws the camera out to third-person giving you a better view of your character's scrapping. It's possible to wield two swords at once (or a sword and a cricket bat - the developers have obviously been watching Shaun of the Dead ) and go click-crazy. And these screens show shields for the first time, suggesting you'll be able to manually block incoming attacks.

Above: Being a holy knight doesn't mean you can't pull a sub-machine gun trigger with the best of them.

In development for over two years, only two of Hellgate's character classes have been unveiled so far - we expect at least another two or three to join the battle before the game's finally released in late 2007.

September 8, 2006