Hellgate: London screen bundle

Thursday 20 July 2006
Namco, the publisher of action RPG Hellgate: London, has announced that it will reveal a new cinematic of the PC game at this week's Comic-Con in San Diego, and to celebrate this it's released a selection of devilish new shots.

Hellgate: London is an ambitious RPG set in the near future where the UK capital has been devastated by an invasion of demons. Gamers must create a character, take on the hordes of otherworldly creatures and complete various quests. Success will be rewarded with progression through experience levels and branching skill paths.

Hellgate's biggest selling point is the promise that the game will be different for everyone that plays, as there're numerous different skill sets to be developed and loads of ways to customise the lead character. Also, each level will be randomly generated which means items will be in different places and events will occur at different times for each player.

The gameplay is due to be more dynamic than most role-playing games, with its combat-heavy action and first-person perspective. It's been carefully designed to be challenging, yet not to the point where you'll need the lightening-quick reflexes that are often required for PC first-person shooters.

Comic-Con is held in San Diego every year and is a four day-long convention for fans of comics, films and science fiction. The Hellgate: London comic will be launched there with free copies of issue 0 being handed out to Comic-Con attendees.