Hellgate: London demonic gameplay footage

This healthy dose of gameplay footage from Hellgate: London, the demon-hunting RPG set among the crumbling ruins of a hellish and apocalyptic capital, ought to bring you closer to that most important of player choices: are you a Cabalist, a Templar or a Hunter?

The three factions announced so far offer very different forms of gameplay, much like with Hellgate's spiritual predecessor, Diablo. Cabalists are magic users, Hunters bring a more FPS-style approach to the beast-blasting while Templar warriors prefer to get up close and use their holy blades in hand-to-hand combat.

If we're honest, here at Radar towers we prefer the Templar option - Hellgate's weapon combat seems a little flimsy for us, without the sort of stand-out, satisfying weapons that great shooters are remembered for. It's all a matter of taste, of course, and there may still be more factions for Hellgate's developer to reveal in the future.

Meanwhile, as we bathe our kitchen knives in half-inched holy water from the local chapel, in preparation for Hellgate: London's devilish invasion sometime next year, get back to making your mind up on your chosen faction with this video. Hit the Movies tab, launch the video player, and select "Hellgate: London - gameplay 12-12-06."

December 12, 2006

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