Helldivers 2 is so wholesome that a single notorious team-killer called Gantz the Demon is being put on blast by the community

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A Helldivers 2 player has drawn the ire of the community for friendly fire, but they're reportedly claiming to be innocent of slaying their squadmates.

The player in question is 'GantzTheDemon,' and they've gained notoriety over the last weekend thanks to reasons summed up in the Reddit post below. In the post, a player claims they've had multiple reports that GantzTheDemon is responsible for "killing of his own fellow helldivers for nothing more than for sick pleasure." The player advises others to steer clear of the accused killer but only open fire on him in return and not strike first.

GantzTheDemon from r/Helldivers

That same day, the TikTok below drew further attention to the player. The clip warns viewers that they're about to see some pretty graphic stuff, and they're not lying, because towards the end of the clip, right when the rescue craft is touching down, GantzTheDemon appears to kill the player character with a few shotgun blasts to the chest, eliminating them from extracting.


♬ original sound - Super Earth Broadcast

Another TikTok clip elsewhere proposed a 10,000 Super Credit bounty be placed on the head of GantzTheDemon for their actions. The bounty is a 'dead or alive' type deal, but it's not really clear how the players intend to get the bounty of Super Credits over to anyone who kills GantzTheDemon.

This is all pretty damning stuff, but GantzTheDemon has apparently fought back by protesting their innocence. The clip below was published yesterday, February 26, and is so far the only TikTok reel the player has posted to their account, assuming this is genuinely GantzTheDemon. It's a little hard to tell what we're looking at in the clip below, but it shows the player character simply attacking a Bile Titan before being seemingly killed by a fellow player.


♬ original sound - GantzTheDemon

According to comments from GantzTheDemon, they claim they were playing with a friend, but their friend was then unceremoniously killed by a fellow player. In response to this, they killed both the remaining two players, including the person that had killed their friend, but this started the accusations of team killing that we're now seeing.

The comments on GantzTheDemon's own TikTok are actually very sympathetic to the player. They've even been offered an interview by another fan and accepted the offer, so perhaps we'll have to keep an eye on this situation over the coming few days to see how it unfolds.

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