Hellcat teams up with Sleepwalker in a new title that aims to make her an "A-list" hero

Hellcat #1 cover art
Hellcat #1 cover art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat, is one of the oldest Marvel Comics characters. She even predates the Fantastic Four with an appearance in one of the first-ever publications to bear the Marvel Comics logo - but she's never been an A-list hero or a Marvel flagship character. Now, writer Christopher Cantwell and artist Alex Lins aim to change that with a new Hellcat limited series they're hoping will launch Hellcat into the big leagues of the Marvel Universe.

In the limited series, launching in March, Patsy Walker finds herself caught up in a whodunnit in which she's framed for a murder she didn't commit, all as she deals with the aftermath of her recent romance with Tony Stark in Cantwell's recently concluded Iron Man title.

Along the way, she'll team up with cult classic Marvel hero Sleepwalker, a mysterious entity who is part of a group that patrols the realm of dreams in the Marvel Universe, and she'll have to deal with her demonic ex-husband Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan.

Hellcat #1 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"It's been so rewarding to go even deeper with Hellcat in this new miniseries, and work so closely with Alex Lins on this book,” Cantwell states in the announcement.

"I think we’re really harnessing the full power of her character in her own story, and finally unifying all these disparate pieces of her Marvel history - from her since-retconned cheery teenage years, to her time in the romance genre, to her ground-level heroing and vigilante days, to her more supernatural exploits - into one cohesive and definitive Hellcat tale," he continues.

"From deeply broken character scenes to Hellcat fighting some unsung super villains, this series has it all," adds Lins.

Hellcat #1 goes on sale March 15 with a cover from Pere Pérez, seen here.

Tony Stark and Patsy Walker's romance fell short of becoming one of the best superhero romances of all time.

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