Heavenly Sword ninjas aim for number one

Aug 28, 2007

After four years hard slog for developer Ninja Theory, work on its ambitious, PS3 exclusive adventure, Heavenly Sword, is done, dusted and will be hitting the shops next month. And after all the painstaking nurturing and momentum-building hype surrounding the game, will anything less than a chart-topping hit be a disappointment for the development team at Ninja Theory? The answer, according to company co-founder and chief development ninja Nina Kristensen, is a definite "Yes!"

"We're so ambitious and we're always striving to do the very best, but to actually pull it off would warm our hearts so much," a smiling Kristensen told us at last week's Leipzig Games Convention. "You always want to work with something that's really big, that people love and they talk about and 20 years on they remember fondly. That's always the objective and I'm hoping Heavenly Sword is going to be that for us."

After getting the project wrapped, Ninja Theory is enjoying some well deserved down time, but Kristensen hopes that Heavenly Sword will keep it occupied for some time to come, explaining that the original concept for the game was written as a trilogy and that while nothing has been announced yet, the team is "Very keen to pursue the universe... We've created something that we can do a lot with - we can be very playful with where we take it and I think there's quite a lot of opportunity there."

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Matt Cundy
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