Hasbro crashes the 3D party with My3D for the iPhone and iPod Touch

How bad do you want 3D on your iPhone? If you said, "Bad enough to strap a pair of totally rad goggles to my face in public," then you're the target demographic for US Hasbro's new My3D accessory...

Intended for all ages, My3D is the US toy maker's answer to 3D mobile gaming and works by allowing viewers to slot their iPhone or iPod Touch into a pair of goggles and peak through the other end for an immersive 3D experience.

Explains Brian Goldner, president and CEO of Hasbro: "[It's] the idea of being able to be somewhere in Los Angeles, in this 360-degree environment, to be in the shark tank, to be able to swim with the fish and chase after the fish. These are really breakthrough immersive experiences."

Chasing virtual fish on busy streets, eh? This should end well...

My3D was developed with input from Apple itselfand will be supported by a slew of Apple Apps as well as entertainment content from major Hollywood players such DreamWorks Studios. It will also be partnering with the Discovery Channel, Sony and Imax to be the goggles-of-choice for the new 3D television network slated for launch in 2011.

While not the most eloquent solution for 3D content on the iPhone, it does appear as though Hasbro has done its homework and rallied up some significant support for the My3D. Slated to retail at only$30 USD, this might be one 3D gadget worth looking into, if just for kicks. At home, that is.

[Source:Yahoo! Finance]

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