Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Cheats

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Easter Eggs

  • GameCube | Submitted by Princess Zelda

    Zelda Reference

    In the 2nd chapter at Galen's house (Nina's shrine), the music is a variation of Zelda's Lullaby.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Hints

  • GameCube | Submitted by Sims_girl

    More Tools

    Vesta - give her flowers everyday,look for her in her storage room she will eventually give you a weird hoe.

    Dr.Hardy - give him coins from the digsite.When he moves to town he will give you a weird sickle.

    Gustafa - give him flowers everyday.When you enter his house he will give you a strange sickle.

    Tim(inner-inn maneger) - Become friends with him & he will give you a strange hoe.

    Romona,Lumina,Subastian - Romona,Lumina like flowers while Subastian likes gold coins & eggs.Become friends with these people and Romona will eventually give you a wooden watering can.

  • GameCube | Submitted by pookagirl129

    Another Great Fishing Spot

    Go fishing near Carter's campsite, right where the waterfall hits the river. Fish for a while and you'll end up with a Huge Hechup!

  • GameCube | Submitted by jon. s

    Best Cow Milk

    If you want good cow milk I prefer the star cow. Even if it is expensive, it often gives you S Milk, which you can sell for a lot.

  • GameCube | Submitted by harvesto

    A Way to Win Nami Over

    Go to her house every day until you see you have 4 red hearts.

  • GameCube | Submitted by harvest lover

    How to Breed: Cow Tips

    When you buy a cow always give it a miracle potion (if it's a girl). Never buy a boy cow! when your cow is pregnant it will start to produce milk. When it gives birth milk the mother, you will get "mothers milk" to give to the calf. This will keep it from getting sick. Also 10 days after the delivery you can milk the mother regulary. Do not sell the calf - if you do the mother will get mad and sad and produce less milk.

  • GameCube | Submitted by T-Dog

    The way of life

    At the beggining of the game focus on live stock not crops. You can worry about those on your second year. Remember, the more live stock, the more money.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Animal Murderer

    Not Feeding Animals

    If you don't feed your animals they will get sick and if they get sick and you don't give them animal medicine or fodder they will die.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Havest God

    Other Pets

    Other pets you can get are:

  • GameCube | Submitted by Harvest Moon person

    Muffy's Diary

    Muffy's diary is in the vase of pink flowers next to the shelf with the cups on it in the Blue Bar.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Golden dragon_puffball

    Animal Care

    Have you got a cow but it doesn't give any milk. Then you get so mad. It's okay, when you buy a cow they are only about a month old. Cows have to have a baby before giving milk
    Never buy a boy cow. They don't mate with your girl cow. (I don't think) All's you have to do is buy miracle portion and give it to one of your girl cows. Then there is a 95% of it getting pregnant.
    When it is sunny out always bring your animals outside. When they are out. Push your sheep over to the bathing counter, and press Y to wash your sheep. Do this every day, and your sheep will give golden fleece the next time you shave it. (It turns golden once it falls of the sheep) Golden fleece is worth 600 G.
    In the winter go to the left side of the river and you will see some sort of Yetti. I don't know what it does.

  • GameCube | Submitted by harvest girl


    Getting a goat is easy. in the second year go see van (fat guy who sells things) and when he asks you what u want to do say buy and a goat will be a choose. it will cost about 4,000 Gold so save up cause you cant haggle the price any lower. One problem is that your goat will eventually stop giving you milk after a while. (darn goat!) and you can only get a female so no breeding.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Rabbit

    What to do in Chapter one

    In the first chapter there is some things to do and not to do.

    What not to do. *Seed Maker
    -Dont buy a seed maker because in chapter 2 Takakura (the guy who live on your farm) buys one for you and it doesn't cost you anything. you save 6000g.
    What to do. *Seed Maker
    -Make friends with Takakura and this plant-like creature named Tartan lives at Takakuras house from chapter 2 on. Tartan is a seed maker and will try to make a hybrid crop from anything you give it. (try giving it a crop with a flower)
    What not to do. *Chickens
    -Dont buy your all your chickens.
    What to do. *Chickens
    -Buy one rooster and one hen. then put fertilized eggs in the incubator. and let it carry on from there. after you have 5 hens sell all the roosters, because you'll need room in there for your ducks when they come later on.
    What not to do. *Trees
    -Dont plant your trees in the smaller fields.
    What to do. *Trees
    -Plant them in the largest field and use fertilizer to make the fruit better (save you S quality fruits for the seed maker) !!!Also don't plant anything within the 8 surrounding squares of the tree because what ever you plant there will die or not grow!!!

    P.S. Celiais not Vesta's daughter! Celia just works at the other farm and lives there. Vesta took Celia in and treats her as her daughter. Marlin (Vesta's brother) marries Celia if you don't

  • GameCube | Submitted by MONKEY

    Get money

    Milk your cow twice a day. When you have enough money to buy to chickens buy a male(Rooster)female(Chicken)then sale the normal eggs and keep the fertilized eggs to get more chickens then buy more cows and sale their milk to get money then when you have enough money build a cow milking factory it milks the cows for you

  • GameCube | Submitted by SCOOBYDUDE

    How to Sell your Items

    Go to the Inn. When you get near the tree(It should be to your right when facing the front side of the Inn) you should see "sell" pop up in the right corner button screen. Press A and you will set up a stand. Now whistle to get people to come! Talk to them when they come and see if they want something. If they want something you may want to give them the lowest price so they will like you. To close the stand walk off of the mat.

  • GameCube | Submitted by tylermaggiet

    Get Ducks

    Once you buy the pond. A couple of ducks will apear. Take them and put them in the chicken coop. Always keep a male and a female
    duck. That way you can hatch another one.
    if not the ducks wont come back.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Christy

    Getting Gold

    Collect all the flowers, shrubs, and other plants found around forget-me-not valley. Van the traveling salesmen will buy anything you find.

    Digging at the archaeology sight will get you good money too. All of the items that are not important to carter will be yours to keep. Sell them to van as well.

    When you milk your cow, put the milk in the dairy shipping bin, found in the food storage house across from the barn. You will get more money from Takakura`s sales, then you would from Van. Eggs from your chicken that are non-fertilized should be sold in the dairy bin too.

    Go fishing on the bridge to The Farm, and by the waterfall. They are the best spots to catch good fish. Sell these to Van, unless they are Snelts,then you should keep them incase you or your dog need food.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Timot The Great

    Easy Money

    Take your sickle and cut all the grass in the fenced in area behind the barn. Then go in the barn and take fodder out of the fodder holder. Then put it in your backpack. On a day Van has his stand open sell all the fodder that is in your backpack to him. The max fodder that your can have in your back pack at one time is 99. They sell at 10g each.

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    When you get married

    If you propose to a girl and she says yes, you get married the first day of spring on the next year.(I think)

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to get the horse

    To get the take good care of your cow and other life stock.In the Summer the guy who lives on your farm will give you the horse.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Evan Coburn

    Bye Bye Rain

    The trick to getting rid of rain and hurricanes is to go to the excavation site and dig up more than 1 of the spaces available. Then talk to Carter. He will ask you if your done. Reply "yes" and he will take you outside to a b-e-a-utiful day!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Master of All Games

    Get 22,500g

    Get a banana tree and get the fruit. DON'T SELL THE FRUIT! There should be 15 fruit. Go and get the seeds out and sell the 30 seeds for 22,500.

  • GameCube | Submitted by hm a wonderful life master

    Awesome Fish Spot

    A great fish spot is by the bridge and if you fish there for 45harvestmoonminutes you will catch a Sharshark worth 600G but if you haggle with Van its worth 720G

  • GameCube | Submitted by Patricia

    Golden Wool

    Get golden wool by brushing your sheep every day until you sheer them. Then you'll have golden wool to sell for 600g.

  • GameCube | Submitted by G-Man


    Daryl likes fish. Give him one every day. After u go in his house and start to see his solar power cut scene pick "stay". Then, once u come out go back in and he'll give you the seed maker for free. (this MUST be done in the first year)

  • GameCube | Submitted by Natalie Radocy

    Call Horse

    Everyone knows to whistle for the dog by clicking the "R" button. Click it twice quickly and the Horse will come to you- outside building only.

  • GameCube | Submitted by hello ducks

    How To Get a Lizard

    This is how you get a lizards.
    In Winter, that big huge white fury guy that you can find wondering around in the forest. Well you be nice to him and give him fish, he will jump up and down being excited and it could happen then or it could happen later that season. But he should hand over the lizard.

  • GameCube | Submitted by harvest moon manster

    Price of seeds

    Spring to Fall Price 30G
    Spring to Summer Price 60G
    Falll to Spring Price 30G
    Summer to Fall Price 50G
    Summer to Fall Price 20G
    Winter to Spring Price 40G
    Fall to Winter Price 30G
    Sweet Potato
    Fall Only Price 40G

  • GameCube | Submitted by Matt Jones

    All About Muffy

    Here is the scoop on Muffy. If you want her to be your wife, then make time in the day to go to the excavation site to find an old coin or some kind of silver ore. Also, pick a flower, any one will do. Muffy can be found between 10:00 and 11:00 in the back room of the blue bar. You may also find her walking around Vesta's Farm around 2:00. Do this until she has 4 hearts for you, then show her the blue feather.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Andrew Lynch

    Make your own shop

    When Van isn't taking in any of your precious possessions, you can set up your own shop where he usually is. All you have to do is simply press 'A' when you are near the place he sells items. The 'A' icon will read 'Sell'. When people walk by, whistle with 'R' to catch their attention. Talk to them and make some profit!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Michael Donner

    Get rich quick

    The first time Van comes to town, buy a fishing pole from his shop for 500G. Then go to the top of the river by the dig sight. Cast your line by the waterfall and wait for the fish to come rolling in. The lowest price you can get for the fish is 600G per fish.

    Go to the dig sight at around 11:30 a.m. and you can dig until 5:00 p.m. You can dig in a spot more than once, too. The first year the highest price that you can sell things for is 50G and that is a skull fossil. The professor only keeps tablets with pictures on them and everything else you can keep and sell or give to one of the three girls that you can marry. The second year you can find things that are sold for a higher price and the diging sight expands also. You can find different types of fossils and different ores and statues, the horse statue being worth the most at 70G.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Master of All Games

    Jobs for your kid

    Become friends with Cody, Daryl, Carter and Flora and your kid might grow up and work for one of them if you let him.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Master of All Games

    Win Nami over easy as cake.

    Wait until summer and get the blue feather. Go to either Muffy or Celia and use the blue feather on them 10 times a day and always say" No, I don't mean it."

  • GameCube | Submitted by Zero


    Celia-Vesta's daughter-flowers
    Muffy-works at Blue Bar-flowers, milk, crystal, etc.
    Nami-lives at the Inner Inn-artifacts, fossils, records, human head sculpture, etc.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Master of All Games

    All about Celia.

    Celia is sweet, down-to-earth gal who knows her way around a farm. She lives with Vesta and Marlin at the farm across the river from your farm. Celia has a fondness for nature and is very agreeable.
    Celia's Diary-
    Celia's diary is on the bed in her room. Enter the house on Vesta's farm and climb the stairs to the loft where Celia's room is. Look at the bed and press A to look at her diary.
    The key to Celia's heart-
    Celia makes an ideal farmers wife.(She's also hot!) She's a simple girl who knows a good deal about crops and animals. She's also easy to please- give Celia a flower or a piece of produce at least once a day;she'll fall head-over-heels for you. To tell how much she likes you go look in her diary when it has only 1 heart you are pretty much just strangers. But as soon as you have 5 hearts ya'll are deeply in love and its time to turn to the Blue Feather the Harvest Sprites give you in the Summer of the first year.
    I'm going to have a baby!-
    At the beggining of the second year,your son will be born.(only boys,sorry gals out there.) Celia's and your son is sweet,affectionate just like you and Celia! He shares Celia's dark eyes and your brown hair.

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Your Son

    After you get married it says a few years later........ and you have a son to play with him talk to him and press the y button to pick him up don't talk to him and I think you need to press Y.

  • GameCube | Submitted by kkslider

    Easy money

    To do this, you must first have a seed maker and some kind of tree. (I did it with grapes)
    First, get the fruit from the tree. Then once you have it you have, go to the seed maker and turn the ruit into seeds. Get the seeds and take them to Van and sell them. Normally tree fruit sells for somewhere between 25G-45G, but if you change it to seeds, it will be worth a ton more! (grade B grapes sell for 35G, but if you change it into seeds they sell for 450G for one seed bag!)

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Cheats

  • GameCube | Submitted by Cheat Dude

    Awesome Catch

    If you go to turtle swamp and fish for a long time you can catch a Yamame. It's worth 500G small, but if it's big it's worth 1000G.

  • GameCube | Submitted by pookagirl129

    Rock's Diary

    When you go to the inn, go into Rock's room. His diary is hidden where the shorter bamboo table is.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Catgirl95


    After you get married

    You see that Galen's wife Nina died. Well when you start to go to Vesta's, if you look on the other side, you will see a small house. Galen lives there and in front of his house is a bench, and in front of it is a big rock, which is Nina's grave. In the morning, near 9-10:00AM, if Galen is standing there talk to him and he will ask you to clean Nina's grave. Say yes and it will put you in front of her grave. He gives you 60 seconds to clean it. After you are done Nina's ghost appears and say ''Thank you.''

  • GameCube | Submitted by pookagirl129

    Fast money!

    Ok. After you have gotten at least one Sharshark from the bridge fishing spot, go sell it/them to Van (fat man who sells stuff). He'll give you 1200 gold for 1, 2400 for 2, 3600 for 3 and so on and so forth. Keep doing that and you'll get big bucks. But you can't get 2 Sharsharks in one day, so save them up until his shop days come.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Anonymous

    Turn Failed Recipes into Dogfood

    If you fail a recipe, go up to your dog's bowl and press A, then stand in front of the dog bowl and whistle (R). Your dog will come up to the bowl and eat it! Note:Your dog will only eat once a day which means you can only do this twice.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Damian Clark

    Easy Marrage For Celia

    Give her a tomato with a flower everyday until you get 4 hearts and a heart at the end of the sentence in her diary.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Daxdog10

    Golden Eggs

    To get a golden egg, talk to your chicken and pet her everyday and wait a while. She should eventually lay golden eggs.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Unlockables

  • GameCube | Submitted by game dude

    How to Get an Alarm Clock

    Be friends with Grant, and at 6 or 7 am walk into his house. He will talk and give you the alarm clock.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Glitches

  • GameCube | Submitted by harvest player

    Infinite Ruby Spice

    Cook with only the ruby spice, and it should make another. You can then sell these for loads of cash! But keep one to always be able to do this.