These new Herman Miller gaming chairs deserve a fashion show catwalk to roll down

The Herman Miller Vantum in Purple next to a gaming desk and RGB lighting
(Image credit: Herman Miller)

If you shop around for a luxury gaming chair with great ergonomics, it won’t be long before you discover Herman Miller. The brand is best known for its Embody chair, but its newer Vantum model is arguably on par with it, providing a slightly more affordable seat with added perks. 

Both of those Herman Miller thrones sit within our best gaming chair list thanks to their lovely designs and reliable comfort. As if they weren’t already revered enough, the Vantum has just been officially refreshed with some stunning new colorways. 

Herman Miller designs are all about clean line work, contrasting tones, and colors that almost appear different depending on the light you catch them in. These latest designs are no different, and if you’re buying now, you have the choice between a deep blue version named Nightfall, Mystic - a “meditative lilac”, Helio, which is an energetic orange color, or Abyss, which is an alpine green.

The new variants of the Vantum join the existing colorway selection, Obsidian Black, Polar White, and Flare Red.

Herman Miller Vantum |$895 at Herman Miller

Herman Miller Vantum | $895 at Herman Miller
My favorite of the new colorway for the refreshed Vantum might be the Mystic purple. It’s the prime example of what I mentioned above - the color almost looks different depending on the lighting you place it in, as you can see from the marketing images. That said, it’s a lovely, vibrant color that adds some personality.

Buy it if:

✅You value ergonomics
✅You like the new colorways
✅You have the money
Don’t buy if
❌You don’t need premium ergonomics
❌You want more than mesh cushioning

UK: £845 at Herman Miller

Not only do we have new colors to celebrate, but the new Herman Miller Vantum has a refreshed headrest design that allows for easier adjustments. This will be huge for streamers and remote workers who spend all day in their chairs since a simple click will allow you to have the same posture support in different sitting positions.

Herman Miller headrests are a hotly discussed feature, it must be said. Anyone with an Embody chair was already envious of Vantum owners, mainly because the brand’s older seat famously doesn’t come with a headrest. After this news, however, they’ll be cursing the gods of neck and head support.

Of course, like any Herman Miller product, you will need to pay for luxury. These updates have caused an amended price for the Vantum, which we awarded ⅘ stars when we reviewed it. In the US, the mesh seat will set you back $895 - so almost as much as the best gaming PCs. In the UK, you’ll pay a similar £895, which is a significant bump up from the previous cost of $845/£795.

Are these new Herman Miller Vantum designs worth it? 

Herman Miller Vantum marketing image showing the Blue variant standing out from a dark gaming setup

(Image credit: Herman Miller)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we’ll allow you to judge whether these gaming chairs look worth their price tags. What I like, as someone who reviews gaming chairs and tracks the best cheap gaming chair deals every week, is how bold their colors are while maintaining a low profile. That’s a line a lot of gaming seats try to ride, but few succeed. 

The Asus ROG Destrier Ergo Chair I reviewed last year is very similar to the Vantum in that it has integrated posture support and a cooling mesh backrest. It also costs a similar amount, but its design ends up looking fairly muted thanks to its lack of color. If you add its headrest acoustic guard it looks more like something designed for gamers, but arguably just looks bizarre. 

Asus ROG Destrier Ergo Chair hero image

(Image credit: Future / Duncan Robertson)

The Vantum’s frame is where its color is, which means that it doesn’t overstate itself as anything more than a modern office chair, but you still get a flash of personality in your gaming setup. It’s not too overt, like if you opt for the best pink gaming chairs, but it’s there in flashes and doesn’t brand you as a gamer because of licensed designs from the likes of Secretlab.

The question is, would you be satisfied with a cheaper alternative? The ergonomics of Herman Miller are fairly unmatched, and I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s saved up and invested in one, only to find it wasn’t worth it. However, you certainly don’t need to spend that much on a gaming chair to find comfort or ergonomics. There are loads of options available at the moment. If Herman Miller is too rich for your blood, check out some of our favorite alternatives in the window below.

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