Hands-on with Genji 2

Genji 2 gameplay footage (WMV, 10.7MB)- right-click to download

Tuesday 9 May 2006
One of the playable offerings at Sony's pre-E3 conference was samurai slasher sequel, Genji 2, and we took a few moments to really get to grips with it. You can take a look at the game in action at the conference by clicking the link above.

Set three years after the original PS2 version and billed as a "traditional" action/adventure by Sony, this follow-up boasts the chance to switch between characters mid-combo and looks all rather impressive, while also remaining very much in keeping with its Dynasty Warriors-alike traditions of hack 'n' slash.

Playing much in the same way as Koei's long running samurai series, you guide your warrior with the analogue stick while blocking, stabbing and swiping via the face buttons.

The shoulder buttons can also be used as modifiers to power up your attacks with leaping attacks, charging moves and combos. And it is through these moves that you can start an attack using one character and swap to another - in the case of our demo that meant one lumbering but powerful lump and a nimble but weaker ninja.

Interestingly, despite the hefty numbers of enemies on screen at once, we found that the foes tended to only attack in smaller groups, leaving us free to take on all manner of foot soldiers and hell spawn singularly before defeating an enormous and very impressive giant crab/boss thing.