HaloRadar: The Halo Suicides

"Le Mediocrity is a community of gamers who play for fun, pure and simple. Created as a haven from all of the jerks, whiners, cheaters, racists, and rank-whores who infest the Xbox Live landscape. At Le Mediocrity, we couldn't care less about the numbers next to our gamertags. It's not that we don't play to win; it's just that we don't melt down when we lose. Other groups may call you all sorts of names for carrying the bomb back to your own base, but at Le Mediocrity we say, "Welcome home! "


"1) One of our members decided to get the rocket first. Good idea. Especially when you could possibly take out three enemies at once. Just a for warning next time: Try to shoot at the peak of your jump. Not when you land behind a rock...

2) This is where I get confused because I swear I saw a red dot heading towards me around the corner. For the first time, I thought it would be strategic to explode the containers while instantly killing the enemy. Nope. Killed myself and my two other teammates instead. Oh, and the enemy never showed up...

3) Yes, you can kill yourself with a Splazer. This guy blames lag issues. We know better...

4) If I remember correctly, this member said he was strategically placing the spike grenade on the wall to kill the red dot behind him. However, with poor placement and the fact that the enemy was indeed above ground, he killed himself.

5) The next one has a guy flying his banshee to get the flag. Thinking he could save time by jumping out instead of safely landing, he crushes himself.

6) This one was a classic. Arriving just after the Warthog was destroyed, but a moment before the explosion, he tries to commandeer a Warthog. Boom.

7) Iskimo Eskimo decides to get the rocket launcher to kill the two enemies running towards Foxhound421. Should have shot a second earlier and would have been an instant double kill. Instead, he had to deal with a suicide betrayal. Even better.

8) This happened to me a few days ago. As I'm chasing this guy around inside the base, I just couldn't seem to kill him while unloading two clips on the carbine. I kill him on top near the Splazer, but not before one of my rounds accidentally fires into the exploding canisters. The first explosion only depleted my shields, but the explosion was enough to cause the second canister to erupt. Death becomes me. This sent me right into the canopy and sliding down the stairs.

9) Okay, this happened in the first custom game I played in Halo 3. Moon Swords. It's fast. Too fast. I was unaware that sheer speed would cause the canister to explode. Learned my lesson.

10) Last, but definitely not least. This happened during one of our first custom races Le Med made. I was thinking I could cut through and get to the next checkpoint pretty quickly. Of course that would be wrong. I get stuck in the lift with my mongoose. Losing time, I realize I need to jump out and just try to find another ride. Face, meet, Mongoose. Mongoose, meet, Face."