Halo: Reach unboxing videos!

Odds are this will be the last Halo unboxing video we film for several years. Bungie is moving on to its next project with Activision, and we have to think even Microsoft will lay offthe franchisefor a while to let the fanboy fires swell for Halo 4. So if Halo's your thing, you might wanna watch these real slow and savor each frame - at least until you pick it up Tuesday.

We actually recieved two version of Reach today. The first is the obligatory Legendary Edition, which thankfully trades in the cat helmet with a snazzy diorama, extra special packaging for the game itself, some lovely branded styrofoam and a letter from your cousin (??). Next up is the "regular" version, which in this case came inside a fancy briefcase as well as with aReach-smothered controller.

Our review for Halo: Reach posts Saturday evening, so if you're at all curious how Bungie's swan song ranks against its predecessors, check back then.

September 10, 2010

Brett Elston

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