Halo Infinite multiplayer will be missing fan-favorite assassinations at launch

Halo Infinite Multiplayer
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Halo Infinite apparently won't feature assassinations at launch.

As first reported by Daily Research Plot (opens in new tab), the fan-favorite feature will be entirely absent from Halo Infinite when it launches later this year. In a recent livestream, Halo Infinite developer Tom French revealed that esports players primarily skip out using assassinations in favor of melee kills due to the decreased time that it takes to kill players through the latter method.

French explains that this is what led the development team behind Halo Infinite to ultimately drop assassinations from the game. Esports players prioritize melee kills because they're far quicker, allowing them to kill one player and immediately go back on the offensive, searching for another kill, instead of pausing for multiple seconds to deliver the finishing blow.

It's hard to really say how the absence of this feature will affect Halo Infinite at launch. However, French did add that the development team at 343 Industries would re-examine the feature for potential use later on down the line, after Halo Infinite launches, so there's still hope yet that the feature could arrive at some point after the launch window, potentially in 2022 or even later.

The Halo Infinite technical preview phase just wrapped up yesterday on August 2, but the developers might not be done with preview sessions just yet. One developer commented that they would aim to get out another technical preview session, focused around multiplayer PvP, before Halo Infinite launches at some point later this year. This isn't a promise, but it is a nice sign that the development team want to have another big preview phase for players to experience.

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