Halo Infinite comparison video shows how much changed during that 12-month delay

Halo Infinite
(Image credit: Microsoft)

A Halo Infinite comparison video has highlighted the changes that were made to the game following its 12-month delay. 

In a video by Game Informer, we get to see side-by-side shots of both the Halo Infinite 2020 and 2021 demos before the Halo Infinite campaign releases on December 8, 2021. 

Both demos featured in the video take place during the same portion of the game, a few hours into Halo Infinite’s campaign. The 2021 demo does take a slightly different path to the 2020 demo though, so this isn’t quite a shot-for-shot comparison. 

From the get-go, it’s immediately obvious how much Halo Infinite has improved visually. The opening scene of the demo which sees Master Chief confront the pilot appears to have come along leaps and bounds as the 2021 footage looks sharper, with more realistic lighting, and more details in the character models.

The pilot especially has more true to life facial features, which can be seen most noticeably in his eyes. Master Chief’s armor also appears to have more character as it now has visible scratches and scuff marks on it, which the demo footage isn’t able to showcase quite as well.

The rest of the comparison video features gameplay from Halo Infinite as we watch Master Chief take out waves of The Banished whilst traversing across Zeta Halo. Both demos end with Master Chief encountering new Halo enemy Escharum, who once again gives his now legendary speech to Master Chief before the demo ends. Just like the pilot and Master Chief, Escharum has also had a number of visual upgrades.

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