Halo Anniversary's maps available as Reach DLC on Tuesday

Halo's legacy multiplayer maps, brought back from the dead for Combat Evolved Anniversary, will also be available as DLC for Halo: Reach, says Microsoft, and they'll be available fairly soon. This is good news for anyone who's played the original's single-player campaign to death (so much so that they don't feel like ponying up for the new Anniversary edition) but misses going PvP on maps that went offline when OG Xbox support was dropped from XBLA.

The multiplayer portion of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary runs on the same engine as that of Halo: Reach, as opposed to the upgraded version of the engine the campaign runs on. That means it's an easy task to release the maps from the former as DLC for the latter, allowing Reach players to get in on the nostalgia without shelling out for the whole package.

Best of all? The Anniversary Map Pack will be available for 1200 MSP on Combat Evolved Anniversary's launch date of Nov 15. If you're planning on picking up the remake, Microsoft explains you'll be able to install the Map Pack within both titles, giving you twice as many playmates on the new maps.

And those of you who've been playing Breakneck for literally a decade, try to go easy on newcomers.