Halo 4 will be playable at MLG Fall Championship

Major League Gaming announced today that they've landed abig guest starfor this year's Fall championship eSports tournament. The one, the only: Mr. Chief himself. Halo 4 multiplayer will be playable by the public at the gaming event from November 2-4.

No doubt this will increase the attendance and visibility of the MLG as eager gamers show up to get an early look at 343 Industries' long awaited sequel to the world's biggest console exclusive.

You'd have to be a pretty enormous Halo fan to trudge down to the tournament just to check out a few multiplayer maps, but thankfully MLG events are always a good time and worth checking out. They had a bit of controversy recently with their League of Legends final, but the StarCraft 2 and Mortal Kombat tournaments are always a blast.

Andrew Groen

Andrew is a freelance video game journalist, writing for sites like Wired and GamesRadar. Andrew has also written a book called EMPIRES OF EVE: A History of the Great Wars of EVE Online.