Halo 3 vs. Call of Duty 4: The DLC Showdown

Joe: I considered a variety of topics for this section: odor, ease of use, stain-removing power. But in the final reckoning, Call of Duty 4’s DLC is better because its maps and weapons are better balanced. For every deadly sniper position, there’s a blind spot or a counter-measure. Lines of fire and placement of cover integrate with character classes and perks to create a truly strategic shooter experience. You won’t find yourself emptying your clip into someone’s back, only to have him turn around and floor you with one swipe. You don’t have to rush around searching out the overpowered weapons; you get to spawn with your favorite axe. Matchmaking is faster and more stable. And you’ll find a level of maturity in Call of Duty 4 players that is too often absent in Halo’s community.

And don’t even get me started on Forge. Saying Halo 3’s new maps are great for Forge is a total cop-out. Imagine going into a gourmet restaurant and ordering an expensive five-course meal, then having to go into the kitchen and cook the damn thing yourself. I’m more than happy to pay a professional to do the job right. I’d rather spend my time actually playing than futzing around with an editor trying to fix Bungie’s mistakes.

For my money, it’s Call of Duty 4 all the way.

Charlie: This section can be summarized in one word: Forge. The editing tools available in Halo 3 render our whole argument moot.

Don't like Halo 3's new maps? Okay, then change them. You've always been able to transform the multiplayer, but now you'll have even more options with which to experiment. Block off an entire hallway in Blackout by placing down an impassible steel door. Access an entire new section of Ghost Town by leaning a wooden ramp at the right angle. Make Avalanche's icy plains more traversable with floating mid-air platforms that you can jump between.

The color filters you mentioned aren't just for Saved Films moviemaking, either, as the effects carry over into Custom Game matches. I can recreate the Civil War in space with a silent film-style sepia tone or turn my deathmatch into a Bugs Bunny cartoon with the right increase in contrast. Call of Duty 4 forces me to always play by the developer's rules and styles. Set me free!

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Apr 16, 2008